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Zu Online
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Zu Online Description

Guided by the almighty powers of fate, you make your way to the omnipresent Zu Mountain, where you become a member of one of five clans. You must forge your own destiny in this fantasy MMORPG...


Your mission in the client-based fantasy game Zu Online is to fight as part of a powerful force, determined to over throw the evil Blood Demon. There are three playable factions in the online Asia-themed game, which include the Tai, Xun and Wu. The Tai embody the power of the element and focus strongly on skills and proving their strength. Only through battles and combat can the Tai faction improve themselves. The Xun faction pursues spiritual accomplishments, striving ultimately to be included in the mystic deity world. The Wu faction focuses on studying the origins of all things, striving to un-tap the endless energy of life.

The client-based fantasy game Zu Online has numerous features, keeping players constantly on their toes. Some of these features include colorful and life-life 3D graphics and a unique soundtrack to suit every in-game moment. Players are also protected by a spirit which comes in the form of twelve lucky animals. When it's your spirit's time in Zu Online, you will be blessed by unique rewards and items.

The fantasy MMORPG Zu Online also features trade skills that allow you to enhance and create your own weaponry, as well as a balanced talent system. Some players will even be able to learn the magic skills of flying and shape shifting to help them overthrow their enemies in combat. Form clans, participate in thrilling PvP and PvE combat, and make a name for yourself in the fantasy MMORPG Zu Online.

Zu Online Screenshots

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