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Zorg Empire
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Zorg Empire Description

Conquer the vast expanses of space in this action-packed space browser game. Join one of three varying universes, and rule over your own solar system as space leader...


Zorg Empire is a free-to-play strategy browser game, centered in a futuristic space setting. You start the game by choosing from one of three universes - each has their own advantages and disadvantages, and players are able to have an account in each one. You are then assigned your very first planet, on which you can build mines and harvest precious resources, as well as construct a variety of useful structures for your space empire. These structures include Solar Plants, Metal Mines and Crystal Plants. Keeping an eye on your resources is essential in this real-time strategy game, as they are the key ingredient to economic growth and wealth. Materials can be used to construct buildings or sold to other players online.

Research powerful new technologies and expand your technical cosmic knowledge. Not only do you manage the construction of dwellings and the undertaking of new research in Zorg Empire, but you must also build up a powerful fleet with which to defend your space empire. Create a variety of planet defenses to protect your empire, and tactically attack other planets to loot their resources. In the cosmic browser game Zorg Empire you can also embark on exploration expeditions, in search of new planets and resources.

In the browser-based online game Zorg Empire you can also construct your own colony ship, with which to colonize other planets, and expand your space empire. Use espionage to track down useful information about your opponents, helping you to evade their attacks. You can also band together with your allies to form powerful alliances, ensuring your permanent place on the cosmic map. Strive to take reign over the universe in the strategy and building space game Zorg Empire, as you construct mighty structures, uncover new mysterious scientific technologies, and build a powerful space army to defend and attack your empire.

Zorg Empire Screenshots

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