ZooMumba: New Bonus Code Released for You

09/10/2012 21:15 pm by Kyle Hayth in Tips & TricksBrowser GamesAnimals

Need some more medical help around your zoo? Publishers Bigpoint have released a new bonus code for all of you zoo directors out there in the free-to-play world of ZooMumba that will give you the chance to have Dr. Lynn hanging around your zoo for three days.
The new zoo vet, Dr. Lynn, has been made available with a bonus code as compensation for the inconvenience any players may have encountered at the end of the Eagles for Honey Badgers event...

The bonus code is:


It can only be used once between now and Wednesday, October 10th. When you redeem the code, it will give you Dr. Lynn for three days, 5 x Medicine and 5 x Power pills.
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