ZooMumba: Bonus Code and Assistants as Compensation for Downtime

02/18/2011 03:09 am in News

Online games publisher Bigpoint would like to apologize for some of the downtime you may have experienced while trying to play the simulation browser game, ZooMumba. Due to 8 hours during which you could not play the game, they have given players assistants and a bonus code to make up for it.


Because some of you were unable to care for your precious zoo animals for up to eight hours, Bigpoint (Farmerama, Seafight) has put out a compensation bonus code and given you a handy assistant on your farm.

You will be able to use the Zoo Assistant for eight hours around your zoo. Get some extra chores done with this helper as she makes her way around your zoo taking care of the animals! Who can say no to such a helpful person?!

As for the code, you simply have to enter the words "wearesorry" into the barcode to redeem your compensation prize. What is the prize you ask? Well, if you thought that one assistant for eight hours was nice, how about all of the assistants for twenty-four hours? That's right, now you can have a group of hard working assistants for twenty four hours that will care for your zoo and its animals.

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