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ZooMumba Description

Put on your zookeeper’s hat and establish your very own zoo full of adorable animals to take care of. Vamp up your zoo, keep it tidy and watch the visitors come pouring in...


Become a zookeeper in the fun and crazy game, ZooMumba! Set up thriving habitats and homes, care for your cute and zany animals, and add new buildings and attractions to draw in visitors – the fun is endless!

Your duties as zookeeper start off with the purchasing of special habitats at the ZooMumba shop for your animals to nestle into. You decide what unique habitats your animals will need and whereabouts in your zoo they will be built – the layout is yours to decide.

Next comes the crucial and exciting task of buying animals for your zoo – do you want cheeky monkeys, fluffy pandas or perhaps roaring lions? As zookeeper, the freedom is yours to decide. Be sure to buy both male and female animals, so that baby animals can be made and your zoo family can grow.

At ZooMumba animals are purchased using PetPennies – the currency you receive each time somebody pays your zoo a visit. With each new visit, comes the chance to purchase more and more animals.

It is also critical that you take good care of your animals at ZooMumba – through proper feeding, cleaning and of course playing and fun, your lovable animals will remain happy, and so too will your visitors!

To keep your zoo accessible and fun for everyone, it is important to keep renovating and building up to make it the best zoo around – interconnecting pathways between animal habitats as well as special attractions and booths help draw in new customers. The more people that visit your special zoo, the more litter you will have – be sure to clean it up straight away to keep your customers happy – the happier your customers are, the better your Zoo-O-Meter rating will be.

ZooMumba, a browser game from renowned games developers Bigpoint (Skyrama, Rising Cities), takes you on an exciting adventure to the magical world of zoo keeping. Be prepared for non-stop animal fun!

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