Zoo Zap: Play the New Mobile Game and Support the WWF

09/06/2016 07:24 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsMobile GamesiOS

Zoo Zap

Zoo Zap

The Berlin based publisher Aeria Games has finally released the mobile game Zoo Zap after only a brief soft launch in selected regions of the world. Now, the casual game is available in more than 60 countries and can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store or on iTunes.

As a classic match-3 game, Zoo Zap challenges players to combine three or more tiles of the same type. Players who have mastered the gameplay will even be able to start long chain reactions and combos that reward them with lots of points. The special thing about Zoo Zap is that it is not based on a big franchise, as some of the other recently released major match-3 games. Instead, the developers focused on bringing a colorful and utterly adorable animal world to life. The cute rabbit called Annie is at the center of the game. Her goal is to free her fellow friends from the clutches of the evil owl called Lord Talon. With some finesse and the right strategy, players will free all of Annie’s friends.

For the release of the mobile game, Aeria Games has teamed up with the environmental organization WWF Germany, WWF France, and WWF UK to help our real animal world. For every player invited to the game by a friend who defeats the villain in level 4, the studio will donate one Euro to the WWF. If you want to do something good and participate, you have to hurry up, as the event will end on September 7th.

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