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Zoo Zap
What to expect:
  • Colorful Match-3 Game with Animals
  • Hundreds of Challenging Levels
  • Power-Ups to Help You through Difficult Puzzles
  • Friends Can Exchange Items
  • Online Rankings
  • Mobile Games
  • iOS
  • Apps
  • Fun Games
  • Puzzle
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Play Zoo Zap and Enjoy Match-3 Gameplay with Cute Animals

You are the last hope for the cute animals in the free-to-play match-3 game Zoo Zap. Free all your furry friends from the clutches of Lord Talon!


It’s not always only fun and games in match-3 games. While some titles such as Candy Crush Saga only focus on the sweet aspects of life, others have a pretty serious background story. Take the free-to-play mobile game Zoo Zap as an example. At first glance, it looks like another generic, cute representative of the genre. It is undeniable that that is one major aspect of the title, as you can tell from the screenshots, but there’s more to Zoo Zap than meets the eye. The adorable creatures in the match-3 game are in a dire situation. The evil Lord Talon has made it his goal to become the terrifying master of all animals, catching, kidnapping, and trapping them in cages. Cute bunnies, loyal puppies, colorful birds, quirky monkeys, and smart pigs are all part of this animal world. One bunny stands out in particular, your loyal companion in this game. The bunny Annie has made it her goal to free her friends from the clutches of Lord Talon, and you will help her!

In Zoo Zap, you will support Annie by combining tiles in true match-3 gameplay. The fun game features an endless amount of levels. There are hundreds of puzzles waiting to be solved. As you might be familiar with from other titles of the genre, the stages get increasingly more difficult the further you progress. Don’t fret when things get too tough, as you will unlock several power-ups that will get you through the more difficult stages. The more points you collect, the more special your rewards will be at the end of a level. That way you will be able to make it through every challenging situation, freeing one animal after the next.

Compare Yourself to Your Friends in Zoo Zap

While there might not be an actual multiplayer mode in Zoo Zap, the puzzle game still makes important use of its online mode. You can send items to your friends if they need a little boost to make progress. Naturally, you can also benefit from your friends’ support if need be. Additionally, the free-to-play casual game features online rankings where you can compare yourself to other players from all around the world.

Zoo Zap Screenshots

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