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Zombiewood Description

3 - 2 - 1 - Action! Set in the picturesque setting of the one and only Hollywood, your task is to take control of a zombie apocalypse, which seeks to destroy humanity as we know it. Have you got what it takes to stop the pesky walking dead?


Jump right into this light-hearted and comical game about an influx of flailing zombies and your rampage through the city to kill them all. Available on iOS and Android, this free-to-play game will have you laughing out loud over all the radical ways to mutilate these mutant madmen. With a variety of weapons to choose, how will you stop the Zombiewood apocalypse?

Zombiewood incorporates explosive gameplay, which is based around the eradication of crazed zombies. Choose your weapon and explore the city, breaking your way through the hordes of zombies that want nothing more than to tear you apart, but will you let them? No! Use whatever you can to stop the zombies from taking over. There are golf clubs, flame throwers, machine guns, rocket launchers, or clubs. Just make sure they don’t get to you, otherwise you are finished!

Brought to you by Gameloft (Cars: Fast as Lightning, Despicable Me: Minion Rush), this free-to-play title lets you choose to play as a variety of quirky characters who possess an equally wacky dress sense. Play as a drag queen in a white Marilyn Monroe type dress, or play as a hairy werewolf who's covered in thick fur, has large teeth, and big claws. Then there’s the soldiers who have awesome weapons, like machine guns, and rocket launchers that launch three rockets per shot! The drooling zombies, however, aren't quite as dashing in their appearance, and carry your typical array of zombie-like weapons, such as clubs and bones.

Set in Los Angeles, this mobile game takes you through an apocalyptic, action-packed zombie killing spree. The graphics are inspired by the Hollywood setting where everything looks like it comes from a film set, adding to the hilarious nature of Zombiewood. Play with thousands of other players online as you wage a war against the undead and fight in over 20 different movie-like settings. Have you got what it takes to stop those diseased reprobates?

Zombiewood Screenshots

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