Zombies Monsters Robots: Firing Up Mechs in New Steel Corps Expansion

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Steel Corps

Steel Corps

Over the last couple of weeks, both vicious reptiles and undead forces have invaded Zombies Monsters Robots. What is it the free-to-play shooter is seriously lacking, now? That's right - massive mechs for all mercenaries to unlock, upgrade and level up. En Masse Entertainment (Tera) has just recently launched the Steel Corps expansion, adding a whole new layer of strategy to the online game. Players can now join a brand-new Team Mech Match game mode and take on other robots in explosive battles in three exclusive maps: Pier Pressure, Dangerous Quarry and Rail Barrens.
To set themselves apart from the competition, players can choose between these mech classes:
Light MechsMedium MechsHeavy Mechs
StrengthFast MovementBalanced StatsMassive Armor
WeaponsMelee Blade/ShotgunRocket/MissileShield/Cannon
No matter the type, all mechs will gain experience during matches and can be upgraded to fit the player’s preferred play style. The latest Zombies Monsters Robots update also introduces several other maps for different PvE and PvP game modes. Other additions include new costumes and weapon skins for players to unlock and deck out their characters with, including the Ripsaw and Motor Psycho set.

Here’s the official Steel Corps expansion trailer to show you some mech-on-mech action:
Source: Official game homepage
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