Zombies Monsters Robots: New Content in Halloween Update

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Zombies Monsters Robots

Zombies Monsters Robots

Eastern European accents, pumpkins, and bad puns? ‘Tis truly Halloween season! Everywhere you look, spooky events have taken over online worlds to scare players into collecting candy and taking on terrifying, new challenges. As a competitive shooter, Zombies Monsters Robots is usually not for the faint of heart (the title kind of gives that away, too). Now that the Infect All Humans update has been released, the free-to-play shooter has taken another step towards being every horror fan's ultimate nightmare. And we mean that as a compliment! The Halloween themed content update brings several new features to the online shooter, including the following:
New Game Mode: Patient Zero
New Equipment Set: Boneskin
New Event Mode: Head Hunter
New Maps: Eight Different Worlds to Dive Into
New Firearms and Costumes: All in the Style of Halloween

Enter the In-Sanitarium at your own risk!

The newest update to hit Zombies Monsters Robots introduces Patient Zero, a new competitive game mode that will pit players against each other in absolute mayhem. Can you trust your allies? Not really, as one of you is already infected and about to turn into a walking corpse. It’s up to you to detect the zombie source and save humanity from impending doom! Unlock a new equipment set by collecting Boneskin armor pieces. These not only look snazzy, but will also grant you perks such as reduced damage, additional experience gain, and bonus gold rewards.

In a new temporary event mode called Head Hunter, your number one goal is to achieve a massive killstreak. The more kills you pull off without dying, the bigger your head grows. You will be granted a random heavy weapon once you reach the maximum head size. Yes, that’s pretty silly, but this is what Halloween is all about! Eight new maps include the Forbidden City, the Meat Locker and the In-Sanitarium. En Masse Entertainment (Tera) has also added new costumes of the skeletal and spooky pumpkin variety with the new Infect All Humans update. Enjoy the hunt!
Source: Official game homepage
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