Zombies Monsters Robots
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Zombies Monsters Robots
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Zombies Monsters Robots Description

Try your luck in intense battles, whether they are co-op missions or based on player-versus-player challenges. Horrific pop culture characters such as the zombie, the mutant and the robot are waiting to eat your brains in this online world...


The wondrous world of online gaming offers players a variety of titles that lets you go up against one type of abysmal creatures - but why stop there? Why not have matches to jump into in which you can simultaneously fight the walking dead, infernal beasts and mech warriors? This is what Zombies Monsters Robots is all about. En Masse Entertainment (Tera) is taunting you to kill absolutely everything, no questions asked. Just load up your weapon, put your finger on the trigger and go out guns blazing! That’s all that matters in this free-to-play shooter.

How you spend your time in Zombies Monsters Robots is up to you. Do you want to challenge other players to a duel of death or would you rather group up with friends? Joining forces with allied players gives you a certain advantage over demonic entities. The more firepower you have, the faster you can climb the official ranking and show opponents that you are the toughest of them all. Make sure to set yourself apart from the competition by customizing your gear and weapons to fit your play style.

Want to increase your aim? Then reduce the recoil and bring up your accuracy by unlocking new enhancements in this action-packed MMOFPS made by Yingpei Games. Whipping out your baseball bat (or any other melee weapon, for that matter) is always a solid choice when going up against humanoid monsters. You would be surprised how easily zombie skulls tend to cave in...

Prepare yourself for ultimate boss fights after mowing down dozens of zombie slaves and robotic servants. In Zombies Monsters Robots, you can never tell what’s coming next: Will it be a golem overlord or maybe an undead lich king? Find out by signing up an account online and exploring every map this competitive free-to-play game has to offer. Don’t forget to land as many kill shots as you can!

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