Zombies Ate My Pizza
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Zombies Ate My Pizza
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Zombies Ate My Pizza Description

Whether it be the Sniper Rifle or Crossbow: Choosing a weapon in this browser game has its consequences, as each and every firearm has its strengths and weaknesses. Learn how to use them to your advantage and you will quickly climb the official ranks...


Other than their computer, there’s only one thing holy to gamers these days: their food. So what happens when pesky monsters interfere with your hobby of eating delicious pizza? Trouble ensues. The free browser game Zombies Ate My Pizza published by R2Games (Dragon Pals) sends you on a journey through post-apocalyptic online worlds to take back what is rightfully yours. Yes, we are talking about cheesy, exquisite pizza.

We recommend upgrading your guns as soon as possible after starting the game, as firearms are the main source of damage for your characters against the horde of walking dead. If you want to get a little bit of extra oomph out of your equipment in Zombies Ate My Pizza, enchanting certain items is your best bet. This allows you to boost up certain stats and customize your champion to fit your preferred play style.

Because this browser game mostly features firearms instead of melee weapons, it’s important to keep close track of how much ammunition you have left. Fill up on ammo before joining big raids or world events in this free-to-play title to avoid running out of bullets while going up against tough monsters. While some guns might focus on high firepower, other weapons have an increased attack speed or critical strike rate. Which one do you prefer when having to mow down one zombie after the other?

The fastest way to level up in Zombies Ate My Pizza is to complete missions and gather materials to upgrade items. The more damage you can dish out, the faster you can get through the tasks given to you on a daily basis. There’s a big difference between automatic and manual weapons in this free-to-play roleplaying game: Manual firearms will not reload automatically, but wreak havoc on even the most ruthless of zombie abominations. Just make sure to pick the right moment for reloading your clip, as you wouldn’t want to be surrounded by undead creatures when doing so.

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