Zombie Pandemic
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Zombie Pandemic
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Zombie Pandemic Description

As a survivor in a massive zombie-infested city you must make it out alive from the wrong side of your quarantined city in search of safe houses. The living dead lurk around every corner...


After the common flu virus mutated into a horrible disease killing millions, the world and civilization as we know it erupted into chaos, quarantining all the major cities. Zombies have risen to the surface in light of this pandemic to feast on those left behind. As a survivor on the wrong side of the quarantine it is up to you to locate the safe houses set up by other survivors left behind and seek shelter from the bloodthirsty zombies. The detailed storyline in Zombie Pandemic is revealed as you progress through the game.

Zombie Pandemic is a 2D text-based horror browser game, and is set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. There are over 800 unique locations to explore, with over 700 items to collect and 150 zombies to fight against in the browser-based MMOG Zombie Pandemic. You can train to better prepare yourself at the fitness center, practice your aim at the shooting range and learn how to best defend yourself at military camp.

In apocalyptic horror game Zombie Pandemic you can choose from one of several different character classes – you are even able to play as a flesh eating zombie. You can plunder the graves of dead players and steal their precious inventory, and engage in heavy PvP combat.

Accept thrilling missions and quests for different fractions in Zombie Pandemic, and customize and modify your own weaponry to take on your zombie enemies. You are able to form or join a unique zombie clan with which to roam the desolate city with. Strength is in numbers, especially with a looming threat of zombies. In Zombie Pandemic it is important to learn valuable skills such as agility, strength, constitution and marksmanship as you dive into a darkened zombie-infested world.

by Kyle Hayth

Zombie Pandemic Screenshots

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