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Zomber Squad
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Zomber Squad Description

The people of the world are under siege from a horrible virus. Anyone infected by the pathogen acquires an insatiable hunger for brains, turning them into mindless Zombers. It is up to you and your comrades to save the human race from utter annihilation.


As the leader of your small group of survivors, known as a Zomber Squad, it is up to you to keep up morale, recruit new members, train your followers and make sure you and your comrades are adequately equipped to take on the ever growing and strengthening horde of zombers that want nothing more than to tear open your skulls and gorge themselves on that soft mush between your ears you call a brain.

With your new recruits in tow, you will venture out into the desolated expanses of your world and attempt to overcome the zombers bit by bit. Each new recruit you find will have their own special abilities, strengths and weaknesses, so it is up to you to utilize their skills for the best possible outcome. You will ever go so far as to control three characters at once during combat, balancing intense action-packed combat with swift and precise strategic decisions in this browser game.

Take your battalion across the wasteland to find a number of dungeons and world bosses, which you must defeat to advance through the game. There are plenty of these challenges in the world of Zomber Squad and aside from offering you with measurable points of progress, they will also allow you to gain experience and increase the power of you and your squad. You can also measure your progress and skill against other players in the multiplayer arenas and other PvP options.

Zomber Squad is an MMORPG full of all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from the genre, plus a few more. Build your squad, get them some fancy gear and destroy all of your opponents, whether they are mindless zombers or other players.

by Jonathan Smith

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