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Yulgang 2
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Yulgang 2 Description

This client-based title is for anyone who enjoys both fighting and roleplaying games. Here, you take your character on a fantasy journey through various terrains - one more different than the other. Group up with other players to increase your power.


Yulgang 2 is set in an open world that not only features seamless regions, but also has what you would expect from any Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game. Because this free-to-play MMORPG has unique factions, you can support your allies by participating in faction wars. As long as you level up your hero and regularly train your skills, you will quickly turn into a force to be reckoned with. Other players will shiver at the mere sight of your character - no matter which class you end up choosing. While Mages rely on their elemental prowess to defeat enemy forces, Warriors utilize their massive weaponry to intimidate others. Archers wield bows or crossbows and know how to annihilate multiple opponents at once. Healers, as the name implies, cast buffs and use their spells to keep members of their faction alive. Don’t underestimate their ability to cause massive damage though!

Even though Yulgang 2 is being advertised for the Southasian market, meaning Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, the free-to-play MMORPG is released without a region block. That means that you can join the action on the English server and try your luck in fighting against thousands of other heroes, trying to take over the online world by storm. Think of it as Tekken meets Age of Wushu: You create a character, choose one of the available classes and face other champions head on. The most important aspect of Yulgang 2 is the beat-‘em-up fighting system. You won’t have to target your opponent before unleashing your devastating skills. As long as your enemy is in range, you will hit and cause a certain amount of damage. Take part in intense player-versus-player battles, jump into group content such as dungeons or raids or support your faction by going to war.

In this free-to-play fighting game, you can combine different skills into a powerful attack. You are also encouraged to fly. The so-called Air Sprint System gives you the ability to float through the air for a short amount of time to either dodge fatal attacks or quickly travel through the virtual world of Yulgang 2.

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