Yitien Chronicles
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Yitien Chronicles
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Yitien Chronicles Description

Are you ready to saddle up and unsheathe your weapon? The Mongol emperor has taken over the dynasty and only you can stop him from slaughtering innocent people. This browser game features a massive world that’s ready to be explored by you.


In this free-to-play online game, you are the hero of a virtual kingdom. The Yuan dynasty has been taken over by dark forces and it is up to you to restore peace. You can help the defenseless townsfolk by completing certain tasks and going up against renegade soldiers. Both actions will grant you plenty of experience points that you will need to level up your character.

The browser game has three different classes for you to choose from: the Warrior, the Healer and the Sword Dancer. Each scholar has access to a wide array of abilities which can be used to defeat opponents or assist fellow players. Yitien Chronicles is not only free-to-play, but also browser-based. That means that you won’t have to download anything - just open up the browser of your choice, register an account and start playing!

Yitien Chronicles is all about social gameplay. While you can get through most challenges on your own, grouping up with other adventurers is highly recommended. Not only is it more fun, but also the perfect way for sending even the most difficult bosses to an early grave. So-called Intimacy points can be accumulated by interacting with other players. The amount of Intimacy directly reflects the relationship you have with others. Collecting enough points will unlock certain buffs that boost your character’s attributes and will help you defend the Yuan dynasty. If you come across people you enjoy playing with, feel free to open up your very own clan. This will be your first step in becoming a server-wide legacy.

Yitien Chronicles features companions that loyally aid you in battle. The more you train their skills, the more useful they become. Playing through different missions in this free-to-play browser game rewards you with gold pieces and additional equipment. As you venture through the world, you will acquire armor pieces and weapons that are of no use to your class. These can be sold at the Trading Post and traded with other players.

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