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Yarr Description

Sail o’er the high-seas and live the life of adventure: be a pirate! Ye be cravin such things as swashbuckling and gettin’ yourself tangled up in high jinks? Then this be the game fer ye!


Yarr is an online browser game where you become the pirate you always wanted to be. Completing quests, leveling your character and crossing swords with other players are all things you can do. There are even excessive amounts of pirate-lingo for you to enjoy.

Why not head into town to take on other players in duels if you are itchin’ to get into a fight. This is one of the ways you can gain experience and money in Yarr. Any experience you gain will go towards leveling your character and the money you earn can be used to buy new weapons, a ship or even a lowly street urchin.

Go to the auction house to spend those gold coins and buy those precious goodies that you have had your eye on. Yarr has a full auction house where players can buy, sell and trade goods that they find or win in fights. Sometimes things you find there could be incredibly useful, other times they might just be fun!

Yarr offers you the chance to explore the pirate world of the Caribbean. Starting in Tortuga, your adventures take you far away from your home port and you get the opportunity to face new enemies and challenges.

Become the ultimate pirate in this free-to-play browser game. Yarr will take you across the waves to adventure around the Caribbean. Fighting players, finding treasure and making sure that everyone knows your name are all parts of your exciting journey!

by Kyle Hayth

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