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Xhodon Description

Light or the cruel darkness? Choose a side and fight with all your strength. Anticipate the exciting adventures and tricky tasks that are waiting for you...


After you decide at the beginning of Xhodon whether you want to fight on the side of light or dark, your path is already mapped out a whole lot. Now, an enchanted, magical world in which you have to show a lot of courage is waiting for you.

Xhodon provides for you, depending on which side you've picked, several different tasks that must be overcome. Adventure becomes part of your daily life and magic will always be on your side. Whether you are a male or female magician, you will certainly never be bored. The essential thing in this browser game is gaining experience: Each action will get you one step further towards your ultimate goal, namely global dominance.

On your way through Xhodon you will constantly meet other players, strange creatures and heroes. You cross their path and they will be your constant companion in the dark, scary woods of Xhodon if you play your cards right. This is just a saying of course, as Xhodon is a real-time strategy game with fantasy elements.

Your own tree of life will help you so you don’t have to run through the woods of Xhodon completely ignorant. The tree reveals the secrets of Xhodon and initiates you into the wondrous Crystal Cave. Also, you need to know that there is a breeding station. There you will have the opportunity to create mythical creatures and even to influence their production. But this is not everything. You will be the one who has power over time in Xhodon. Attempt to find out how you can use this special ability and discover many more secrets.

Xhodon contains many features and adventures. No matter which side you choose, whether light or dark, both sides have their advantages and include exciting tasks. Attempt to be a good trader, explore the many mysteries of Xhodon for yourself and procure phenomenal abilities with the help of your magical items.

Xhodon Screenshots

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