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Xenyoo Description

A fantasy game with spectacular battles in a world full of gods awaits you. You compete against other players and try to become more powerful by winning battles...


In Xenyoo, you find yourself in a diverse world of fantasy. You are the god of this world and you can assemble a team of different fighters from different worlds. You are responsible for them and their successes and for equipping them with the necessary tactics and skills.

Teach them the power of healing and then send them to fight against opponents. However, not only can you be attacked but you also have the opportunity to attack other fighters. As you attack other players you can gain power with which you can reequip your team. Test the strength and abilities of your enemies and gear your warriors specifically to target them. Only with the best tactics and the appropriate weapons your team has a chance to gain strength. That’s how your power and influence grow more and more.

The other players will face you respectfully whenever it comes to a battle. Only if you defeat all of the more than 300 different opponents will you be able to ascend to the ruler of all universes. If you are ready to prove yourself, then dive into this unknown, fantastic world and accept the divine challenge.

by Kyle Hayth

Xenyoo Screenshots

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