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XBlaster Description

Use your battle robot to blow your enemies out of the arena. You engage in exciting duels with other warriors. Only with skill and good equipment you have a chance to win...


In this Massively Multiplayer Action Shooter, you will be forcibly recruited to be a mech pilot. You become some sort of warrior that can be compared with the the gladiators in the arenas of the Roman Empire.

Except that, for you, the year is 2053 and you are facing your opponents not with a short sword but with a Mech - a mechanical fighting robot.
The battles between thousands of real players in XBlaster are fought online. Each fight won increases your character’s abilities. They are important because they ensure you an advantage when it comes to your resilience in the fight.

Several worlds exist in the universe of XBlaster. You must choose one for yourself. Whatever world you choose will be the place where all the fights take place. In monthly tournaments, the participants of all worlds face each other and fight out who is the best mech pilot.

Without the necessary equipment, your chances are pretty bad. You have the choice between several weapon systems that have different properties and are certainly able to drill a hole into an enemy Mech. Only a strong energy shield or the armor underneath can prevent this.

XBlaster includes a lot of technical sophistication with which your Mech can be upgraded and modified. In combat, you will need skill and a steady hand when firing. The graphical representation of the sci-fi battles is just as nicely done as the navigation in the game.

by Kyle Hayth

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