World Tour Fishing
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World Tour Fishing
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World Tour Fishing Description

Meet like-minded people in this free online game by traveling different continents and fishing everything from simple sardines to rainbow trouts. It’s time to cast your reel and prepare yourself for intense battles between you and elusive sea creatures.


Whoever says that fishing should not be considered a sport has obviously never entered the virtual reality of World Tour Fishing. Having a competitive spirit goes a long way in this free-to-play online game: As you embark on a journey through different countries, you will come across other players that follow the same goal as you... and that’s to get the biggest catch. Show them that casting a fishing line comes naturally to you and that you have what it takes to reel in the biggest fish. Diving into the wondrous realms of World Tour Fishing does require a download - but once the client has found its way onto your computer, there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying beautiful sceneries and traveling across the world.

Speaking of which: In World Tour Fishing, not only the fish were inspired by the real world. Pretty much every spot you get to visit in this online game also exists in real life. Even the most experienced fishermen and fisherwomen would be lucky to see the coves, beaches or canals that are available to your character. Starting your career and becoming a master fisher might seem really slow at first, but it won’t take long until the world is truly your oyster. Pun intended!

It’s entirely up to you to come up with the best strategy in this sports game. Everything from the bait to the actual fishing rod needs to be carefully chosen if you want to get your hands on more than 1,000 unique fish that can be found in World Tour Fishing. Don’t worry about having to kill off the slippery creatures or throwing them back into the water after you have caught them. In this free-to-play fishing game, you get to keep them all thanks to the elaborate aquarium system. Keeping your cherished prizes alive and well is a perfect way to show them off to your friends or reel in the ultimate bragging rights going up against other players.

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