World of Warships: Making the Most of German Cruisers

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Guide to German Cruisers in World of Warships

After the German and Russian ships were added to World of Warships, players of the free-to-play game have been getting used to them. Here’s a guide to help make the most out of your shiny German boats.

Anyone that is used to playing cruisers in World of Warships will have the basics covered, but the German line of ships requires a slightly different style of play. The Kriegsmarine ships are mostly a double edged sword, they pack a punch and have a long range, but they are also very fragile when compared to other cruisers or even some destroyers in the war game.

World of Warships

World of Warships

Take Advantage of the Long Range

A huge bonus that the German ships have is that their range is higher than any other cruiser at the same tier. This means that it’s possible to skirt around at the edge of the maximum range, and continuously pressure enemies with shells with very little that they can do about it. To put the range into context, the tier V Königsberg can shoot at a range of 19.8km with the advanced firing training ability, which outranges every single other ship at that tier with the exception of a Kongo. With this ridiculous range the Königsberg can set battleships ablaze and avoid their fire from a long distance away.

The German Cruiser Königsberg in World of Warships

Don’t Show Your Broadside

This is a rule that you should follow with any ship, not just cruisers, but with the German ships it’s particularly important. When playing the Kriegsmarine ships in the free-to-play game, you often wonder whether the armor is made of paper. If you ever get in a sticky spot, you’ll lose your engines and be sunk in no time at all. The armor on the ships is very low compared to other cruisers, and this is an issue that’s present throughout all of the German ships all the way from tier one to ten. It’s important to remember that you’re not the captain of a heavy battleship that can take a lot of damage, as one well-placed salvo can spell the end for the light cruisers.

Don’t Forget the Torpedoes

The torpedoes on the German cruisers are a great way to deal with anyone that gets too close. The torpedoes on some of the lower tier ships rival those of some of the Japanese and Russian destroyers, so they worth remembering if ever you’re in a tight spot. They don’t have the longest range on them, but that’s not really an issue as we are not trying to be destroyer captains when piloting the mighty Kriegsmarine cruisers in World of Warships. The torpedoes pack a hefty punch, and sometimes enemies can completely forget that the ships are even equipped with the devastating explosive weapons.

If anyone still wants some more help with the game, we have some tips and tricks here for eager players, including a guide to the Russian destroyers, and also an aircraft carrier guide.

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