World of Warships: Guide to the 2015 Halloween Event

10/28/2015 11:00 am by Benjamin Robson in Tips & TricksDownload GamesPvP

World of Warships: Tips for this Year's Halloween Event

Now that the World of Warships Halloween Event has landed in the EU as well as on the NA servers, we felt it was about time to write a little guide for any captains that need a helping hand.

Wargaming brought the Halloween event to the EU servers a little late, but that’s not a problem as now those cultured folks over the pond have the chance to go up against the Salem Witch and the Phantom Fortress and earn those sweet, sweet flags.

The Salem Witch

The Salem Witch in World of Warships

This is a Cruiser, and it is almost identical to the USN Cruiser Des Moines. This means that you’ll be up against a Tier 10 ship in normal Tier 4 games. The basic stats are listed below, so you can see how powerful this ship is, especially when put up against ships like the USN Phoenix or the IJN Myogi.

  • Range: 15.8km
  • Guns: 203MM Shells
  • Max Shell Damage: 5000
  • Hit Points: 50,600

As you can see, this ship has ridiculous stats to be in a Tier IV game, so to make it fairer, Wargaming are putting fewer players on the team that has one of these event ships.

The Phantom Fortress

The Phantom Fortress in World of Warships

This ship is basically an Essex class aircraft carrier, with a few minor differences so that other players actually have a chance. The ship stats are as follows:

  • Total Planes: 90
  • Fighter Squadrons: 2
  • Dive Bomber Squadrons: 1 (Max damage – 5400)
  • Torpedo Bomber Squadrons: 1 (Max damage – 9867)
  • Hit Points: 56,300

This ship is possibly scarier to go up against when compared to The Phantom Fortress, as it does not need to be in the middle of a fight to do damage, and can hide off towards the edge of the map and send torpedo bombers in to keep enemies at bay.

The key to winning against these ships is to stick together, and try to overwhelm it. Don’t worry too much though, as the winning team will get the reward flags, regardless of whether the phantom ships are an ally or an enemy. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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