World of Warships: How to Play the New Russian Destroyers

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World of Warships: How to Play the New Russian Destroyers

Just last week the new Russian and German ships were released for World of Warships, and loads of players are setting sail in their shiny new boats. We are here to give you all some tips on how to do well in the new vessels.

A Destroyer in World of Warships

A Destroyer in World of Warships

The playstyle of the new Russian destroyers in World of Warships is significantly different to the Japanese and American destroyers that we have all grown to love. The Russian vessels have much weaker torpedoes, and stronger guns, meaning that you can’t really play them the same way as you would a destroyer from other nations.

Your Primary Tools Are the Guns

The Main Battery on the Tashkent in World of Warships

Anyone that is used to playing destroyers and particularly the Japanese ships is very wary of using their guns as their primary means of doing damage. With the new Russian destroyers in the free-to-play game, it’s completely the opposite. The main battery on these little ships is excellent for a few reasons:

  • They can fire completely undetected from outside the spotting range.
  • The guns outrange even some of the cruisers at the same tier.
  • They have a very low shell arc, and the armor piercing shells can even reliably citadel cruisers and other destroyers.

Basically, you should be playing these destroyers as little gunboats that rain HE shells on battleships and citadel the cruisers with AP shells.

Use Terrain

One of the largest complaints about the Russian DDs is that their torpedoes are sub-par. This is true, but only if you look at the range. If you really must use the torpedoes, be sure to use islands and smoke to hide you from view so you can ambush the enemy. Often by the time they have seen you, it’s already too late. The tier 3 Derzki, for example, has 5x2 torpedoes, so you can hurl 10 torpedoes at an enemy and be sure that they are going to sink.

The Five Sets of Torpedoes on the Derzki in World of Warships

Don’t Go Alone

This may seem like a pretty obvious tip, but you can’t be sneaking behind enemy lines to take out aircraft carriers like you can with a Minekaze. It’s important to have some support nearby in the form of another destroyer, or ideally a cruiser. When you’re with another ship it takes some of the attention away from you, while still allowing you to take advantage of your long range guns to slowly burn the enemy down. I know that it’s fun being like Rambo and getting into the thick of the battle, but that’s also how you sink quickly.

Check back in the future for more World of Warships tips, tricks and guides to keep you topping the leaderboards in the free-to-play war game.

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