World of Warships: Guide to Carriers

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Guide to Aircraft Carriers- World of Warships

One thing that new players of the free-to-play World of Warships have problems with is using carriers effectively. Here we are to help out new players by giving you some helpful tips and tricks to land those torpedoes and use your planes to really make a difference.

World of Warships

World of Warships


One of the first things you’ll notice is that the interface is different; it is zoomed out and gives you a bird’s eye view, much like the tactical map but a little smaller. At first this might be a little confusing to use, after being used to the controls of the cruisers and battleships before, but it doesn’t take long to get used to.

Basically, you use your number keys to select aircraft, then use the “F” button to launch the planes, and then left click to send them where you want them to go. Go into a co-op game to try it out, it’s a lot like playing a real-time strategy game. Be sure to practice doing manual torpedo drops using the ALT key when you’re controlling the torpedo bombers.

IJN Aircraft Carrier in World of Warships


There are three types of aircraft that you’ll have access to. These are fighters, torpedo bombers, and dive bombers, and they fulfill three different roles.

  • Fighters: These guys excel at taking out other aircraft. If you can engage an enemy torpedo bomber squadron with your fighters, you are bound to come out on top
  • Torpedo Bombers: These damage dealing aircraft are best at terrorizing enemy Battleships and Aircraft Carriers. They drop torpedoes which arm after a few meters in the water, and deal loads of damage.
  • Dive Bombers: The Diver Bombers can be a little underwhelming. They drop explosive bombs on ships and are designed to set things on fire. They do good damage, but it can be a bit random where they drop.


One of the most effective strategies as an Aircraft Carrier is to attack enemy carriers and battleships. This is because they tend to be quite slow moving, so are easy to hit with torpedo bombers. One strategy to take with Battleships is to attack them with torpedoes to cause flooding so they use their repair skill, then drop some dive bombers on them to cause a fire that they can’t do anything about.

Another useful tip is to keep your planes around friendly cruisers, this way your aircraft will be protected by the friendly anti-aircraft fire.

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