World of Warships: Destroyer, Battleship, Cruiser - Class Overview

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Wargaming won’t let anyone forget that for World of Warships, they are basing their models on fleets that have fought in actual World Wars. Some of the details are adjusted to the virtual world of course, otherwise we'd have to wait hours for aircrafts to deliver ammunition.
World of Warships

World of Warships

The most difficult aspect to adding new ships to the free-to-play shooter is balancing all types, says Wargaming. What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses? Do they have synergies with other classes? How do they work on the battlefield? The developers have decided on a Rock, Paper, Scissors system which is a concept that everyone should be familiar with. One type will always be a bit more powerful against a certain enemy while susceptible to another. Rinse and repeat. Let’s just hope that Lizards and Spock are nowhere to be seen…
The three classes in World of Warships are: Destroyers, Battleships and Cruisers.

Destroyers are the fastest warships in the entire game and easy to maneuver. Their torpedoes can be put to good use to wreak havoc on the battlefield and severely damage other ships. This ship type is usually recommended for more experienced players that know where and where to strike and trigger smoke screens. An example: the Japanese Fubuki ship.

Battleships are usually the strongest class and can sink any enemy target within seconds. What makes them vulnerable is their long response time and limited fire range. They are protected against most ammunition types, but very hard to handle, meaning that players will always have to think ahead before launching an attack. An example: the Japanese Yamato ship.

Cruisers combine the best of both worlds. They do not excel in one particular combat type, but can be considered the jack-of-all-trades in World of Warships. It’s up to you to customize your cruiser and choose a specialization with this all-rounder class. An example: the Japanese Takao.
Source: Official Developer Diary
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