World of Warships: How to Make Use of the Destroyers

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The folks over at Wargaming have not been scarce with information on their upcoming free-to-play naval war game World of Warships. While the title is currently only in its closed alpha testing stage, the publisher has commented on the similarities and differences to their AAA game World of Tanks and explained the artistic direction of the game in several enlightening dev diaries. In their latest installment, the Russian studio went into more detail about one of the upcoming ship classes in World of Warships, namely the Destroyers.

This ship is the quickest and most dynamic vessel in the upcoming tactical shooter set during and after World War 2. The developers promise that it will require nerves of steel to play with the Destroyers. Part of the reason for their speed is their inherent lack of armor protection, which is compensated by enhanced torpedo and mine armament. Originally, this vessel type was constructed to patrol offshore ships and anchorages, but soon it had to be equipped with stronger ammunition to withstand inimical fire.
If you decide on the Destroyers in World of Warships, you should not underestimate their power against bigger and more robust ships. This type of vessel is truly fierce and can bring down almost any size ship with the right strategy and some strong nerves. Steering the Destroyers will require a cautious hand, as speed and turns will have to be balanced in order to not sink or lose control of them.

The developers recommend making good use of smoke screens to conceal your torpedo attacks or escape from your enemies undetected. Since the Destroyers are rather small, it makes sense to attack bigger ships in teams with other players. Three main strategies have proven to be most successful with this ship type. You can force enemies to run aground on sandbanks by attacking them with torpedoes in narrow spaces, or you can choose a more cautious tactic by attacking inimical ships from the maximum range of 20 km, which naturally lacks preciseness, or you can engage in close combat, which is dangerous but quite effective.
Players should also never underestimate the use of the low calibre cannons that the Destroyers possess. While they may not be strong enough to effectively pierce the thicker parts of battleship armor, they can destroy or damage unarmored modules, making aerial attacks much more effective. This ships type is also a great choice for covering your allies in the air. In other words, Destroyers are a great means of supporting aerial attacks on huge battleships.
This vessel type is a fierce fighter, which becomes a true threat especially when it is grouped together with other Destroyers which then jointly attack enemies.

Source: Official game homepage
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