World of Warships: Bastion Mode Released

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World of Warships

World of Warships

A little more than a week ago, patch 5.8 for World of Warships went into its public test phase. The guys and girls over at Wargaming are all about quality in their free-to-play games, which is why they usually send their upcoming game updates into a public test to allow their community to give them a run for their money before they are officially released. Patch 5.8 has now gone live in the naval war game. It isn’t just any kind of game update, but brings a brand new game mode to World of Warships among many other exciting things.

The Bastion game mode adds tower defense type gameplay to Wargaming’s online game. Each team has to defend their forts or strategic stations such as radar stations against the inimical team’s attacks. High-tier players can now try it out on the “Atlantic” map and see whether they have the necessary amount of teamwork to defend their base while attacking the necessary key locations to win the match. The team which earns 1,000 domination points first by destroying enemy fortifications and ships will win the battle.

As though that wasn’t enough patch 5.8 also brings two new maps for tiers VII-X to World of Warships. The Sea of Fortune is located between France and Great Britain offering diverse gameplay situations. The map features both close range and long range possibilities depending on where players position themselves. The Loop is an entirely fictional location containing two groups of Portuguese islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It features a lot of opportunities for players to defend themselves thanks to the large islands.

The new patch also improves the matchmaker, the audio, and the interface. Last but not least, there are various bug fixes and changes that the community can look forward to.

Source: Official game homepage

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