World of Warships: Patch 5.5 Brings Weather Effects

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The free-to-play war game World of Warships is about to get a massive update packed full of game changes, including weather effects, balance changes, new in-game sounds, and much more!

Ever since Wargaming announced their development plans for 2016 back in February, World of Warships fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of some of the promised changes, the most important of which are the in-game weather effects. It’s clear that Wargaming have been working very hard over the last months to get this patch ready, as it’s one of the biggest patches that we’ve seen yet! Check out the video below to see exactly what's in store in this latest World of Warships patch.

In-Game Weather Effects

In the relentless pursuit of realism, Wargaming have introduced some realistic weather effects to their naval battles. This is a feature that players have been asking for ever since the game was released. The weather effects that are being introduced look rather interesting; some of them are just visual changes, and others are “bad weather” conditions that have negative effects on the ships in battle:

  • Cyclone: This “bad” weather condition will occur randomly on the “North” map. This will bring heavy rain, fog and low clouds to the battlefield, which will decrease the detectability range of each ship to 8km and the spotting range for aircraft to 3km.
  • Bad Weather: For all other maps, there is a chance at the start of the battle to see rain, snow, fog, or heavy low clouds at the start of the match, but the weather will clear up and return to normal after the game starts.

It will be interesting to see how players will adapt to the new weather conditions, and whether it has any kind of major effect on the gameplay of each World of Warships battle.

Audio System Overhaul

On top of all of these cool new weather effects, World of Warships players will soon be hearing the in-game sounds like never before. There are some new sound feedback for objectives, some new epic music tracks, and a revamp of all of the sound effects for guns, engines and destruction noises. Overall these changes look to make World of Warships even more realistic than it was before.

There are loads of smaller changes in World of Warships Patch 5.5, and for anyone that likes to get involved in some hefty patch notes, they can be found online on the official website. If you want to get involved and download the game, it’s available free-to-play by clicking the button below and heading over to the official Wargaming site.

Source: Official Website

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