Game of the Day: World of Warships (Windows)

07/02/2015 10:24 am by Marcel Wuttig in Game of the DayDownload GamesPvP

How could I not choose World of Warships as our Game of the Day? After months and months of waiting, the war game is finally in its public testing phase. Before, only a few players who had gotten a precious beta key were able to join the naval battles. Now that anyone can simply dive into the online game, I thought it would be optimal timing to celebrate Wargaming's addition to their portfolio.

If you know nothing about World of Warships, let me take a moment to shine a light on the title. Wargaming’s third World War 2 themed game takes place on the open waters. As the captain of a battleship, you group up with other players to take out your inimical team. What sounded quite boring to me personally at first (don’t crucify me, I’m just not a fan of shooters), is actually a lot of fun. Surprisingly, the battle game is so intuitive and easy to learn that it almost felt somewhat casual – something that I personally really enjoy.

Granted, the further you get in World of Warships, the more profound the game gets. Either way, the title is a lot of fun, the graphics are gorgeous, the gameplay intuitive, and the overall presentation incredible. Wargaming definitely outdid themselves making the waiting worth the time.

Head on over to the official game homepage and become a captain today!

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