World of Tanks Test: Tactics Are the Key – Not Money

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Tanks are one of those things that all boys and men somehow have an affinity for. The calls to command our own tank lead us to put the free-to-play title, World of Tanks, to the test. With this title, publishers have challenged players to use tactics on the battlefield and the players seem to like it. From being the first of its kind on the market to a title with over 25 million registered players, it seems fighting in your tank is something everyone can enjoy.

Driving a Tank – A Dream of Boys and Men Alike

In World of Tanks, we slide into the role of a tank commander. We find ourselves fighting on the battlefields of the Second World War and we already feel at home.  At first glance, it doesn’t seem that we have the option to choose a side to fight for or, for that matter, a solution to the most terrible conflict of the 20th century. To us, it felt more like we were going to be playing the role of mercenaries with a choice of American, Soviet, French or German tanks. A model of each nations tanks already stands in our garage, which is the starting point for all things in World of Tanks, and is ready to be driven out onto the battlefield. The choice of tanks, at least in the beginning, doesn’t play a big role, as they are more or less similar in nearly every way. That means it is up to us and what tank we think looks the best will be our choice.

On the open field without cover... never a good idea.

We Are Fighting… On Which Side?

The base of all military operations in World of Tanks is our garage. From there, we can purchase new tanks, load up on ammunition, research new tech, add new crew members, join up with a clan or add friends. At the same time, we can join up in the chat and prepare to head into battle once again. After a hard-fought battle, we can also repair our tank in the garage, which happens to be a lot in our case. The garage is also our area for keeping track of how much experience and money we have. However, before we really get to jump into battle for the first time, there is not a whole lot to do. We have the choice of either heading into a training battle or get right into it. During the training battles, it is important to remember that you don’t earn any experience, but you also do not have to pay for ammunition or repairs. After playing for a while, it became quite clear that the training mode is more groups of players who are looking to improve on their group tactics. That is why we decided to just head right into the battle!

Tanks Are Hard to Turn, Hard to Defeat

The game mechanics of World of Tanks are somewhat reminiscent of a first-person shooter. A tank is inherently slow, at least with our starting-out equipment which we had to use in our first battles. Regardless, we took our tank and headed towards the enemy base.

In a straight-forward, simple battles there are two primary goals. Either we take over the enemy’s base or we eliminate all opposing players. Additionally, we are able to prove ourselves in the Assault and Encounter battle modes. In Encounter, two teams fight for one control point on the map, while in Assualt, players of one team will have to attack the other. Sounds pretty simple if you ask us. However, it can be more challenging when trying to maneuver a giant tank around on the battlefield. made sure to keep  the gameplay life-like and set the bar for the reality of the title above that of many other games. What that means for us is that we cannot simply charge into battle and drive around like madmen. We have to approach battles with tactics and strategy – using cover and camouflage in bushes, using the terrain to our advantage.
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