World of Tanks: Swedish Tanks Are Coming

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World of Tanks

World of Tanks

The free-to-play game World of Tanks is celebrating its fifth birthday this year, which makes it an oldie within the online gaming world. The developers over at Wargaming have consistently added new content to the World War 2 game, which is why it features more than just US, German, Soviet, and Japanese vehicles. There’s also French, Chinese, British, and even Czech tanks. The studio behind the online game knows how to keep their community busy and make their war game feel young and fresh. Wargaming keeps adding new content to World of Tanks - to the delight of their player base. In a documentary, the studio revealed a new nation for the war game. Swedish tanks are coming soon!

While the Swedish government got neither involved in World War I or World War II, they actually invested a lot of money into their army to stay safe within Europe. As soon as they heard of the new ground vehicles used in World War I, they wanted to have their own. Refusing to pay the price for British tanks, they purchased their first tanks from the Germans. In order to explain their incentive to include the Swedish tanks in the online game, Wargaming has produced an extensive documentary, which highlights the history of the Scandinavian country.

There’s been no word on which vehicles players can expect to find in the war game or when they will be added. Players will have to remain a little more patient. It is amazing though to see

Source: Official game homepage

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