World of Tanks: Update 9.15 Brings Major UI Changes

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World of Tanks

World of Tanks

The guys and girls over at Wargaming are continuing their course of improving some key features of their online game World of Tanks to modernize it and make the gameplay even more cohesive and enjoyable. In the last patch 9.14, the developers worked mostly on improving the physics and sounds in the tank game. Both of these improvements were supposed to enhance the realism of the war game by adding features such as the tanks’ hull rocking and the new sounds engine called Audiokinetic Wwise to the title. The newest update focuses mostly on UI changes.

The goal of the new patch is to ease players’ everyday tank driving. The tank community will have a much better overview when they mount and dismount equipment, as the vehicle stats will change right in front of their eyes. Additionally, the stats in the garage will be categorized into firepower, survivability, and mobility. Customizing equipment and consumables will be as straightforward and clear as ever.

The hangar in World of Tanks BEFORE the update.

With patch 9.15, Wargaming is also hoping to give players more incentive to form Platoons, as they will receive XP bonuses for choosing vehicles of the same tier. In return, there will be penalties for choosing tanks that are more than three tiers apart.

The hangar in World of Tanks AFTER the update.

Last but not least, the game update rebalances various vehicles, adds vehicle filters in the garage, notifies players about the end of battles in advance, and improves aiming.

Source: Official game homepage

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