World of Tanks: 5 Issue Comic Series Coming Soon

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Wargaming, the company behind free-to-play titles such as World of Warships and World of Tanks has just announced a brand new partnerships with Dark Horse Comics, and will produce a series of 5 issues.

Ever since World of Tanks became an international hit, Wargaming have been investing in the series to bring players even more World of Tanks content; we have seen a trading card game in World of Tanks Generals, and even a mobile version of the game in World of Tanks: Blitz. Now it’s time for Wargaming to take a step into the unknown and partner up with Dark Horse Comics to give their fans even more content to enjoy. The comic series promises to be something to look forward to, as they have a lot of impressive names on-board, and some cool stories to tell.

The Cover of the First Edition of World of Tanks: Roll Out!

World of Tanks: Roll Out!

This brand new 5 issue comic series will be written by Garth Ennis, a well-known comic book writer who has worked on some big-name comics such us War Stories and The Punisher. He will be joined by Carlos Ezquerra who will bring decades of experience to bring the stories to life with his talents. Ezquerra has worked on all kinds of comics during his career, with Judge Dredd being the most notable. With these comic book legends involved, we’re sure that these publications are going to be something to look forward to.

Set in the summer of 1944, the comic features British and German forces shortly after the invasion of Normandy. Readers will follow each side as they peek into the lives of tank commanders from different armored units in battle. The comic promises to feature some fan-favorite tanks from World of Tanks, including the German Panther and British Cromwell vehicles. The first issue will be available digitally in the fall of 2016, with print releases coming out shortly after.

If anyone wants to get in the mood for some tank-based combat and prepare for this awesome new comic series, World of Tanks is completely free-to-play and can be downloaded by clicking the link below!

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