World of Tanks: Coming Soon to PS4

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World of Tanks Coming to PS4

The popular free-to-play tank game will be coming to the Sony console sometime soon! World of Tanks fans can look forward to multiplayer tank action on their PS4.

The Project Lead for World of Tanks at Wargaming has announced that World of Tanks will be coming to PS4. In a blog post on the official PlayStation website, he outlines the details of this new venture for the Wargaming team. As with any title from the Belarussian developers, it will be completely free-to-play, but for people that have a PlayStation Account. Check out the trailer below for some more information:

Console Tailored Content

It was made clear that the port to PS4 has all bases covered. Players don’t need to worry about how the game will feel, as developers have been busy working on making the experience as good as possible. The controls have been tuned especially for the latest Playstation console and supports the DualShock 4 controller, meaning players will feel at home when tearing around the battlefield. Other key PlayStation 4 features such as the touchpad and Share Play are also supported in the release.

PlayStation 4 owners will have quite a lot to look forward to when the multiplayer game launches, as they will have access to exclusive content. The developers have promised console players that they will have new custom tanks, maps, skins, along with loads of other PS4 exclusive content.

The Beta for the PS4 version is currently available for signups here, for those that would like to get involved. Here at browsergamez we are huge fans of the Wargaming titles, and look forward to any more news for these guys in the future.

Source: Official Press Release

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