World of Tanks Blitz: New Update and Free Premium Time!

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Wargaming is giving the loyal fans of their free-to-play tank game a treat with FREE premium time. World of Tanks Blitz is receiving a new update, and rewarding players at the same time.

World of Tanks Blitz Update

World of Tanks Blitz Update

The developers of the popular online mobile game, Wargaming, are giving players a helping hand; the free premium time helps when trying to progress through the game, and to unlock new tanks to destroy the enemy with. Premium Account holders enjoy extra credits and XP, and this giveaway is for 2 days of sweet premium time.

In order to claim the freebee players simply have to play a game on either the 12th or 13th of September. Once this game is over, the free premium time will start!

Free Premium Time in World of Tanks Blitz

New Update

The update, numbered 2.1, brings a bunch of new tank destroyers in the British tech tree, along with a number of updates and fresh content. Check out the video below if you want some more information about the new update.

If you would like to claim your free Premium Time, then wait for this weekend and dive into the battlefield on your iOS or Android device!

Source: Official Website

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