World of Speed: Closed Beta Details and More

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SlightlyMad Studios and seem to be a little bit behind schedule when it comes to World of Speed. The free-to-play racing game was supposed to go into closed beta testing late last year. To appease the community and prepare racers for what’s to come, the developers have answered a few burning questions about upcoming testing phases.

Soon, a series of closed beta events will give selected players a chance to test everything from account authentication to server stability. That’s right: In the beginning, life as a tester will most likely not be about casually cruising down the racing track or facing other players in breakneck duels, but more about making sure the client actually works. All progress will be wiped clean after each closed beta test until, eventually, SlightlyMad Studios decides to send World of Speed into open beta testing.

World of Speed

For the first test we will be inviting the most active members of the World of Speed community [...].

This doesn’t mean you should spam the developers with posts and comments, but rather appear interested in giving constructive feedback and criticism. Anyone lucky enough to be invited will get limited access to a selection of cars available for testing purposes.

Here are another few tidbits about World of Speed taken from the latest Q&A:

  • Yes, there will be vintage muscle cars.

  • The garage can hold an infinite number of vehicles.

  • Pre-tuned cars can be purchased, but will not give unfair advantages.

  • Extra parts can be earned simply by playing the game. Free-to-play done right?

  • No blinkers for you! Players will be able to toggle their head lights, however.

  • World of Speed will feature convertibles and potentially even trucks.

There’s no official date for World of Speed to go into beta testing just yet.

Source: Official game homepage

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