World of Mercenaries
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World of Mercenaries
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World of Mercenaries Description

Become the world's foremost mercenary in this new first person shooter. Upgrade your character, your weapons and shoot your way to the top with the help of other online players.


World of Mercenaries: it’s time to get your hands dirty.

World of Mercenaries is a first-person shooter which will challenge you to master the skills of your character and dive head-first into intense combat with players from around the world.

World of Mercenaries examines the age old struggle for power: where does it come from and how do you acquire it? Sick of fighting other men’s wars, your mercenary has the unique position to finally decide his own fate. In World of Mercenaries, you have the opportunity to make yourself the most powerful and sought after mercenary in the world, as you progress through different "jobs", in which you are a gun-for-hire. Make money. Gain fame. Gain weapons. And of course, gain power. But remember, every job that you choose to accept has a direct effect on the future of your character.

With the completion of every job you earn the ability to upgrade and customize various elements of the game play, from character traits, armor, and some amazing weapon mods. While World of Mercenaries can be played as a single player game, it also offers some benefits to play with other players on a team. The completion of jobs with teammates not only helps you conquer some otherwise difficult situations, but it also allows you to level up faster, as you can gain extra customization points by playing with teammates. As a part of the World of Mercenaries community, you are also competing directly with other players for mercenary domination.

So how do YOU want to become the most powerful mercenary? The choice is yours.

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