World of Lordcraft
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World of Lordcraft
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World of Lordcraft Description

After years of warfare and hatred, two factions must overcome their difference and fight against the evil Demon Legions. Are you prepared for this epic battle between good and evil?


World of Lordcraft takes you to a fantasy-themed world where two factions, once staunch rivals, must now come together to take on the dark forces of evil that occupies the center of the land. For years the Alliance and the Horde battled against each other, leading to the ultimate showdown. It was at this point the Demon Legion saw its opportunity to reign down over the earth and destroy all life in its path. The Alliance and the Horde must now put aside their differences and take on the evil that threatens the future of the earth.

In the strategic browser game World of Lordcraft, the Alliance faction is comprised of three races – the wise Humans, the strong Dwarves and the humble Elves. The Horde faction is also comprised of three races – the manipulative Trolls, the bloodthirsty Orcs and the cunning Taurens. The Demon Legion, drawn in by the abundance of natural resources on planet earth, employed the help of the undead and the evil Naga race to assist them. Though their companions aren’t as loyal as they may seem in browser game World of Lordcraft.

World of Lordcraft is a fantasy-themed browser game in which you join one of two rival factions in the ultimate race for survival and fight against evil. You start the browser-based game by selecting your faction, race, the location of your fortress as well as your hero's name. In World of Lordcraft you can recruit and dismiss heroes to lead your armies, and participate in cutting edge technology research to improve your power and strength in war.

by Kyle Hayth

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