World of Fishing
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World of Fishing
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World of Fishing: Play the 3D Angling Simulator

Chill out on some open water with your friends while reeling in a big catch in World of Fishing. Travel the world and catch exotic fishes!


World of Fishing is a free-to-play game perfect for angling fans that enjoy fishing with friends. So get involved and play on PC! World of Fishing is a great game for fans of Let's Fish.

Fish All Over the World

An around the world trip awaits you in this free MMO. There are 30 famous fishing locations from around the globe in this online angling game. You can pilot your fishing vessel to the perfect spot to catch. You need to be clever with your angling, as some locations are much more difficult to navigate than others, and some of the rarer fish are notoriously difficult to catch. You need to have the right bait and technique to pull some of the more exotic out of the water, and onto your boat.

The once-in-a-lifetime tour takes you through some of the most popular destinations in the world. You will visit places such as Vancouver, San Francisco and New York for the North American fish types, and Korea and Japan for more exotic and oriental fish.

Develop Your Character

Gather experience with each catch! Develop and improve your abilities, create your very own fishing character with all of the gear. You can collect a huge variety of fishing gear and boats to give your character better stats and bonuses. As you progress on your angling career, you need to use the new gear and boats to make sure you can catch the most difficult of fish. A small dinghy is perfectly fine for catching your first mackerel, but you won’t have the best experience trying to catch a tiger shark with such a small vessel.

In-Game Community

Everyone knows it can be boring while waiting for a bite, so you can join different fishing clubs and chat to other players in the meantime. Other players are great for getting advice, learning tricks, and just having a good chat. You can even compete against other players in competitions to get better gear and boats.

World of Fishing is a free-to-play realistic 3D angling simulator.

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