World of Dungeons
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World of Dungeons
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World of Dungeons Description

Take on the role of a brave hero and become a barbarian, wizard, dwarf, elf or gnome. A fantastic world full of adventures, magic and danger awaits you...


In the role of a valiant hero in World of Dungeons, you fight in fierce competitions for fame and glory. You can choose freely which role you wish to take on. However, you cannot fight alone, but better join a group of other heroes to face up to all your challenges.

To succeed in this unexplored fantasy world, you not only have to face your opponents courageously, but also prove your tactical skills and team spirit. Each member of your group has different strengths and abilities. Knights, paladins and gladiators are characterized by their strength and speed. They can be very aggressive in the fight against the enemy. The healers and bards serve to support and strengthen the fighters. Know your strengths and those of the others in order to distribute the tasks as well as possible. Lone fighters stand no chance in World of Dungeons.

Between the fights you will explore the gloomy dungeons and search for treasures and magical items. By fighting in the Coliseum, you can now compete with other heroes in duels, or participate with your group in tournaments.

by Kyle Hayth

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