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World of Ants
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World of Ants Description

The world of insects is a large one and now you can experience first-hand the life of an ant. Create your own colony and make friends as you explore an expansive world!


Ever wondered what it would be like to live inside your very own ant colony and explore the world from under the earth? Now you can thanks to the free-to-play browser game, World of Ants! Without having to download a client, you can join in the miniature world whenever you feel like.

World of Ants features an extensive trade system. As you gather various resources in your kingdom, you may find yourself with more than you need or something may be lacking in your stores. Send resources to one of your friends or receive them in order to really get the flow of goods going!

You can also research new ant-like technologies in World of Ants. Each one of these technologies could be very useful to life in the colony. Upgrade your troops or increase the production of your workers, the choice is yours as the colony leader.

Go to war with others in World of Ants because maybe you need more resources or just want their land. The choice is yours, whether you want to be a peaceful diplomat or raging warlord of the ant world, you forge your own path.

If you’re a loner, that is just great and you can do whatever you want in terms of building up your own colony and not needing help from others. However, if you are a more social person, you can join up with a guild or create your own and gather players around you. You could become the most powerful group of ant rulers ever…

All the wacky adventures of the ant life and more await you in the free-to-play browser game, World of Ants. Create a colony from the ground up, or rather from the top down, as you research new technologies, become a trading mogul and maybe even a rampant warlord!

by Kyle Hayth

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