World Golf Tour
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World Golf Tour
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World Golf Tour Description

Embark on a golfing career that will take you all over the globe, playing on some of the most famous golf courses, whilst being trained by none other than David Leadbetter himself, a legend among golfing champions!


Engage in player-versus-player matches on famous courses from around the world, whilst immersing yourself in the stunning ultra-high-fidelity graphics that provide HD gameplay straight in the browser of your choice. Utilize multiple viewing angles to get a unique look on your game and increase your aim before taking the shot. Navigate through the course using a 3D aerial cam, immersing you further into your environment as you take on your opponents in a realistic game of golf in World Golf Tour.

This free-to-play sports game allows you to participate in tournaments against the computer or against real people online. Work your way up the leader board and become a professional golfer as you master your technique and challenge your friends to a duel. You can send and receive invites for matches and engage in multiple games at once.

As you progress through the browser game you will get to play on numerous different courses, each with their own level of difficulty. Take on the pros and aim for a hole-in-one on some of the most notoriously difficult greens in the world, including New Jersey to Scotland. With new courses added to World Golf Tour every month, players have a unique opportunity to gain a real-life advantage over their competitors by exploring the fairway prior to actually going there.

This browser-based golf game has many different modes, including practice greens, hole-in-one challenges, 9 hole and 18 hole tournaments. You are provided with all the equipment you need from drivers, hybrid woods, and wedges to irons, putters, and specialty balls. Other features include a breakdown of your WTG golfing career and the ability to acquire new gear and unlock various new courses. It’s up to you to take into account important factors such as the wind's speed and direction to ensure that your ball reaches the green without ending up in the sand pit!

World Golf Tour Screenshots

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