Wooparoo Mountain
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Wooparoo Mountain
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Wooparoo Mountain Description

Explore a mountain full of weird and wonderful little creatures called Wooparoos. There are over 20,000 to collect and they are all looking for a caretaker. Are you up to the challenge? Prove it by setting up a farm and collecting nutritious resources...


Wooparoo Mountain is a free-to-play mobile game where you raise playful little creatures and take care of them on an enchanted farm. Develop your territory on the mountain side by adding temples, buildings, and decorations. Connect with your friends and complete quests to learn more about your precious little monsters. Use the elemental powers of over 80 different wooparoos. And with thousands of different combinations of elements you can summon over 20,000 little bundles of joy!

This free-to-play online game allows you to build a village where you can take care of your little monsters and watch them grow. Firstly, you have to construct the correct type of habitat for your wooparoo to live in, which corresponds to its element type. For instance, if its element type is rock, then you must build an earth habitat. Fortunately, these creatures can share enclosures, so you don’t need to build a home for each and every one of them. Once they have the space they need to thrive, you must ensure you have the facilities to produce enough food for these hungry little critters. Do this by building farms on which you can grow anything from strawberries to onions.

Wooparoo Mountain is essentially a breeding game, like Dragons World, where you cross-breed different creatures to create a rare type. For example, you can mate Fircoon together with Chirpie, a small red monster and a little thunder-bolt bird respectively. This will create Pepe, a mystical black and orange flying horse. The possibilities of which wooparoo you will create are nearly endless and as you progress in the mobile game, you will likely summon some rare and powerful creatures that you will want to keep safe and show to your friends online. Engage in quests and train your wooparoos to learn more about them, what they enjoy, and what their habits are.

This free-to-play mobile game is available on iOS and Android for phones and tablets.

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