Wizard101: Big October update now live - A new world, endless features and a raised level cap

10/27/2010 05:31 am in News

The gleaming new world of Celestia in the free online game Wizard101 is now online as part of a large October update. The update contains numerous new features, including a new world, a raised level cap, three new secondary schools of wizardry and a host of other enhancement features and bug fixes.


The foremost feature of the update is the addition of a new world, Celestia. Players of the online game Wizard101 who have reached level 48 and completed the 'Final Countdown' quest, may talk to Merle Ambrose about journeying to the world of Celestia. Celestia is a whole new realm with fresh adventures, quests, characters, badges, creatures, mounts, spells and more. In addition to this new world, comes the raising of the level cap from level 50 to level 60. With this increase, comes new magical Rank 8 Spells, available from level 58.

The three new secondary schools of magic now available in Wizard101 include the schools of Sun, Moon and Star. The Sun School focuses mainly on enchantments, the Moon School centers around polymorphing and the Star School teaches a brand new style of magic – auras. A critical and block system has been added to the dueling system, allowing players new strategies and defenses in combat. Changes to the Wild Bolt Spell, Pet System, Deck, Inventory and Shopping have also been included. Players can enjoy not only all of these changes, but many more in the October update to Wizard101.

Wizard101 is a client game set in a magical world. Just like Harry Potter, you are able to learn new wizardry skills at the various secondary schools of magic. Progress through the game and learn new magic skills, as you participate in various quests, adventures and thrilling PvP combat.

Source: Game homepage
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