Wizard101: Major Content Addition Expands Magical World and School

08/22/2011 04:52 am in News

KingsIsle Entertainment, publishers of the magical school Wizard101, rolled out a major content update for the free-to-play online game. The land of Wysteria is now ready to be explored by all of you budding wizards and sorceresses with plenty of new features and content to experience!


The latest update from KingsIsle Entertainment to the magical school of Wizard101 introduced three new zones, including a brand new city and two adventure zones for mid-level characters. Pegasus Place and Tanglewood Way are the two adventure zones full of new quests to challenge the mid-level players and give you even more to experience in the fantasy world. However, the new city in Wysteria is full of action.

The rival school of Pigswick Academy is located in the new lands of Wysteria. Now young students of Wizard101 will get a chance to face-off in tournaments against the students from this opposing magical institution.

Additionally, Wizard101 players have plenty more to experience in Wysteria with such things as new creatures to meet and vanquish, powerful new pieces of equipment to discover and create, a new collectable booster pack "The Wyvern's Horde" and a new epic gauntlet for level 60 players to conquer!

Source: Game homepage
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