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Wizard101 Description

You are summoned to protect Wizard City from the forces of evil - work your way up the wizard ranks from rookie novice to accomplished grandmaster by building your skills...


Wave your wand and journey into the magical world of Wizard101 as a mystical wizard on a quest to protect and save Wizard City from the evil Malistaire Drake and his monsters. Collect gold and equipment, and build your skills to scale to the next level, and become closer to becoming one of the most powerful wizards of Wizard City. Decide whether you want to play alone or as a part of team, in the morning or at night. Create your vey own personalized wizard character – you can even design their clothes!

In Wizard101, many fun and colorful adventures await you, particuarly at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, where you are taught all the tricks and skills to be a wizard by the powerful master of wizards, Merle Ambrose. Join one of eight wizardry schools in the roleplaying game – the Ice School for more hit points, the Storm School for power, the Fire School for the ability to stun, the Myth School to summon minions, the Life School to self-heal, the Death School to steal and support, and the Balance School to learn effective group play.

Partake in exciting duels where you cast spells on other players using special magic cards in exhilarating PvP arenas. Play your cards strategically in this turn-based combat, to ensure the most magical result! As you grow stronger and build your skills, you are able to travel to new enchanting worlds and reap the rewards. Mana points can be replenished by playing mini games and by defeating your opponents in the duels. Join other players in the chat room at Wizard101 and talk magic.

Wizard101 is a mystic world where you learn the secret art of wizardry from the powerful Merle Ambrose himself, gain skills and ward off the evil trying to invade Wizard City. The online game is very kids-friendly and features no mature content. Instead, it features a colorful and fantastical world full of magic, fun, and adventure.

Wizard101 Screenshots

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