Winning Putt: Spring Update Coming Today

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The free-to-play golf game, Winning Putt, is about to get its biggest update yet. The Spring Update brings a brand new survival mode, along with the chance to play a round of golf on a massive moonbase!

Just when you started to think that Winning Putt was exciting enough as it is, Bandai Namco have pulled out their driver and teed off a hole in one with this latest update to their online golf game. Players are invited to don their space suits and head to another plant for a few rounds of golf in a truly out-of-this world setting, or you can even try out the brand new survival mode. If you don’t believe us, then check out the awesome teaser trailer below, which shows off some of the new scenery and cool outfits available in the game.

Survival Time Attack

We hope that you’re holding on to your golf caddies, as this brand new game mode takes the already fast-paced and action-packed game of golf and puts on a whole new level. Bandai Namco are inviting golf fans from all over the world to come together and compete against the clock in a Survival Time Attack. This survival mode puts the players against the clock, as whenever someone sinks their ball, it triggers a time-window in which players must complete the round or face elimination. This mode is designed to be very competitive, with monthly rewards for the best players. Currently the game mode is in a trial period, and it will be available at specific times between the 21st of April and the 12th of May.

Survival Time Attack Mode in Winning Putt

Starglen: Off-World Golf Experience

Upon first hearing about this brand new Starglen course, we thought that Winning Putt had just missed the deadline for April Fool’s submissions, but Bandai Namco are being deadly serious with this latest course for their free-to-play sports game. This new course takes players to an alien planet called Starglen, which is full of serene landscapes and a beautiful backdrop. Starglen is only available to golfers that have reached level 15, as it is a fairly difficult course that requires some Winning Putt experience to beat. Starglen is a great way to have a more challenging round of golf for those that want to try something a little different while playing Winning Putt.

Winning Putt is completely free-to-play, so click the button below and head over to the official website to start your golfing career today!

Source: Official Press Release

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