Winning Putt: Open Beta Development Diary

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Winning Putt

Winning Putt

The free-to-play golf game Winning Putt is getting a brand new update! Bandai Namco are keeping players informed by releasing regular updates called the “Letter from the Groundskeeper”.

This Letter from the Groundskeeper is aimed at making sure Winning Putt fans know exactly what’s going on with their favorite golf game. The letter is being used by Bandai Namco to talk to their community to make sure that they can make the gaming experience in Winning Putt the best it can possibly be. It’s clear that the folks behind Winning Putt have been listening to the players, as the latest updates are designed to address some of the biggest concerns that budding golfers have with the game.

Gameplay Changes

It’s very difficult to have a new update to a game without the mechanics of the game changing. Bandai Namco have tweaked some of the gameplay elements to make things more intuitive and fair when players are on the green. On top of the normal bug fixes, the team behind Winning Putt have changed the way that “Stamina” and “Mentality” work in the game. Stamina and Mentality are two stats that are drained as the game goes on, reducing even more whenever the player lands in a bunker or in the rough. The latest changes to Stamina and Mentality make it so that players have the option to play conservatively and will not be punished. It is now often a better idea to take an extra shot to avoid an obstacle than to take a risky swing hoping that the ball will sail over.

Improved Guild System

It seems that Winning Putt will be getting a new guild system in the near future. Bandai Namco have been listening to their players as many fans have been asking for a more robust guild system. In order to make this a reality, Winning Putt will soon have a full guild leveling system, along with bonuses for guild members, and a guild member cap increase. It looks like belonging to a Winning Putt guild will be a much more meaningful thing to do in the future. On top of these guild changes, there’s also a brand new course in the pipeline. Not much is known about this new area, but it will be set on a completely alien planet!

As soon as we get any more news about Winning Putt, we will be sure to add it to our news section. For a more in-depth look at the game, check out our Game of the Day where we featured Winning Putt as one of our favorite sports games online.

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