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Winning Putt
What to expect:
  • Play the Golf Game for Free
  • Create your Own Pro Golfer
  • Play on Seven Different Courses
  • Choose the Club for Each Situation
  • Realistic 3D Graphics using the CryEngine 3
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  • PC Games
  • Sports
  • Golf
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Become a pro in Winning Putt!

Have you ever wanted to become a professional golfer? Winning Put lets you create your own character and take on courses online for free!


There’s nothing better than settling down to a game of golf with the wind in your hair, the sound of waves breaking on the beach, and having the entire course to yourself. Winning Putt offers you all of this and more in this free-to-play golf game.

The beautiful vistas are all thanks to the game engine behind Winning Putt. The sports game uses the latest CryEngine 3 to produce some awesome graphics; this is the same engine that Crytek used in Far Cry. As you step onto the course, the game fills the world with lifelike scenery and accurate animations using real motion-capture technology. Try not to get distracted by the scenery as you start your game on one of seven different golf courses. Winning Putt uses some of the most state-of-the-art technology found in free-to-play games to make sure the gaming experience is great for everyone involved.

Authentic Golf Simulation

Winning Putt is the latest in golf simulation games, and it will put your skills as a golfer to the test. It’s completely down to your knowledge and skill as to which club you take to the green. Choose from loads of different tools to make sure the ball successfully makes its way to the hole, but the right club alone won’t turn you into the next Tiger Woods, it requires planning and experience to make the perfect shot. When playing Winning Putt, you have to choose the best timing, direction and elevation of the swing to guide the golf ball perfectly to its destination. After you have played a few rounds on the golf course, you will get the feel for the perfect swing and how to accomplish it. Of course this all sounds easy, but until you've put your skills to the test against changing weather conditions and different courses, you won't know how much of a challenge Winning Putt can be.

Become a Pro Golfer

As you start the game you begin your career as a rookie, and you can customize your character to look however you like. As you hone your skills on the course, you will gain ranks and become one of the most respected players in the game. As you make your way across the seven golf courses, you have a full heads-up display giving you all of the information that you need to succeed; wind speed, distance to the hole, a minimap, and much more.

Winning Putt is completely free-to-play, and available to download on Windows by clicking the “Play Now” button below. Jump in-game and create your own professional golfer today!

Winning Putt Screenshots

Winning Putt Screenshot-0Winning Putt Screenshot-1Winning Putt Screenshot-2Winning Putt Screenshot-3Winning Putt Screenshot-4Winning Putt Screenshot-5Winning Putt Screenshot-6Winning Putt Screenshot-7Winning Putt Screenshot-8Winning Putt Screenshot-9Winning Putt Screenshot-10Winning Putt Screenshot-11Winning Putt Screenshot-12Winning Putt Screenshot-13Winning Putt Screenshot-14Winning Putt Screenshot-15

Winning Putt Videos

Winning Putt News

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    04/21/2016 09:28 am - The free-to-play golf game, Winning Putt, is about to get its biggest update yet. The Spring Update brings a brand new survival mode, along with the chance to play a round of golf on a massive moonbase!...more

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    02/25/2016 05:00 am - The free-to-play golf game Winning Putt is getting a brand new update! Bandai Namco are keeping players informed by releasing regular updates called the “Letter from the Groundskeeper”....more

Winning Putt Game of the Day

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